Our Integrated Business Model

The wide range of activities and distinguishing features of Pasargad Energy Development Company has turned this company into one of the influential and prominent players in the country's energy industry, which actively and by using its capabilities while striving for sustainable energy supply, has taken firm steps in response to the needs of the energy sector in the country.

 PEDC with the support of Pasargad Bank and with the favourable financial and credit position in financing its capital projects, through the creation of a diverse portfolio of products and services in the upstream oil and gas industries (offshore and onshore), downstream oil and gas (refineries, petrochemicals) as well as electricity and utilities through the group's specialized companies, by building an integrated business model, while managing and reducing investment risks, strive to achieve security Energy in the country has focused on sustainable energy supply.

Pasargad Energy Development Company, by developing a corporate governance model and focusing on an integrated business model in all its diverse fields of activity, has been able to establish a reliable and leading group in the field of investment

Pasargad Energy Development Company while achieving sustainable business development, it has turned itself into a reliable and trusted brand in the energy industries.

Relying on our internal capabilities and potential and using modern and sustainable management approaches, we have been able to introduce ourselves as one of the top Iranian exploration and production companies in the upstream sector of oil and gas and based on the classification of the National Iranian Oil Company, at the same level as international reputable companies and an example of the most successful examples of relying on domestic power.

In the downstream sector of oil and gas and petrochemical products, the Pasargad Energy Development Company, with a strategic view of completing the value chain based on vertical integration by using the required infrastructures such as the exclusive dock of Hara Qeshm, has been able to significantly reduce the costs of the supply chain and operations while creating double value. take action in this regard, by identifying the bottlenecks in the value chain in the petrochemical industry and the exclusive participation of foreign licensors, by combining operational experience and international knowledge, we have been able to provide an appropriate response to the needs of this industry in the country with the approach of solving and turning the existing threats of the industry into opportunities, which is one of the distinguishing features of the PEDC.

Supplying about 5% of the electricity produced in the country by the Pasargad Energy Development Company is another advantage of this company, which has been achieved by creating a network of combined cycle, thermal, solar and distributed generation power plants. This amount of participation in supplying the energy required by various industries, in addition to job creation, while creating a platform for sustainable development in the country, has also led to the institutionalization of knowledge and deposition of operational experience in the group's companies, and this purposeful effort has led to PEDC being recognized as the largest private sector company in the country's electricity supply.