Environmental Challenges

Big environmental challenges are one of the main barriers and serious threats in the path of sustainable development in today's world. In fact, achieving sustainable development is not possible without paying attention to and solving these environmental challenges. Accordingly, it is necessary to pay special attention to environmental challenges. Challenges such as climate change and global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, reduction of biological diversity, waste, and acid rain, some of which have similar origins or effects, are all caused by unbalanced development in the past centuries.

And now they have become a threat for the development and sustainable life of human being. Many of these challenges are rooted in the way humans use natural resources, including fossil fuels On this basis, it is necessary for companies, institutions, and in charge of energy supply all over the world, to review their policies for immediate correction of approaches and also the development of sustainability concepts in energy supply, transmission, and consumption, to play a constructive role.

Perhaps such a role can be considered as the most important responsibility of energy activists towards society. We at Pasargad Energy Development Group, while understanding the environmental challenges and problems ahead, believe that we should do our best to identify the effects and aspects of our activities on the environment develop targeted and effective plans for these effects, and reduce the aspects to the lowest possible level.

We are committed to reducing the environmental pollution caused by our activities to zero, including the amount of emissions, and to seriously prevent damage to biodiversity and deforestation, and in this way, delete the footprint of our activities in the environment.

We believe that a proactive approach to facing environmental challenges will help us to improve operational efficiency, reduce hazards to our business and also effects on the environment, creates a better relationship with communities and other stakeholders, and ensure Sustainable continuity for our business

goals 7, 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the sustainable development goals refer to issues and topics related to environmental challenges.