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The power and utilities section of the company started work concurrently with the establishment of PEDC in 2008. In light of government plans and policies on bolstering the private sector and reducing state control, it co-purchased Khoy and Urmia combined cycle power plants, and fully acquired Shariati power plant via subsidiaries and affiliated companies to win a significant share in electricity generation and supply in the country. Currently, thermal power plants with a rated capacity of 2000 MW are operational while power stations with a rated capacity of 1700 MW are either planned to be developed or under construction Another field of activity pertains to renewables and utilities which include water and steam supply for petrochemical plants and refineries, power generation from renewable energies like wind, solar and hydro power plants. Projects are under construction for water and steam supply to the refinery and construction of 62MW wind, solar and hydro power plants. Investment in and operating water and gas pipelines constitutes another field of activity in this section. Currently, a BOT-based gas pipeline to carry gas from Iran to Iraq is under construction. Within the framework of PEDC policies, this section addresses environmental concerns and takes into consideration the expectations and demands of customers and other beneficiaries.

Main activities

Power Generation, Utilities and Renewable Energy in which the fundamental of PEDC activities is approaching sustainable development with an emphasis on the environment.

  • Under Operation Projects
  • Under Construction and Development Projects
  • List of projects
List Of Projects
Item Title of Project Client Scope of work Status
1 Pasargad Qeshm Utility Production Plant Qeshm Movalled Company Power, Steam and Water Generation Power Sector is under commercial operation The rest are on the Construction phase.
2 Pasargad Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant Qeshm Movalled Company Power Generation Some infrastructure has been completed. The rest are in negotiation phase.
3 480 MW Steam Power Plant Development of Urmia Combined Cycle Power Plant Owner & Employer: Tadbirsazan Saramad Co. EPC Contractor: MAPNA Group Engineering, Procurement and Construction of three 160 MW Steam Turbine Ongoing
4 IGAT VI (6) Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Co. Construction of 590 Km of Pipeline with: -5 Gas Compressor Stations -5 Pressure Control Stations
metering Stations
The physical progress rate is 88.1%, and natural Gas is being sent to Iraq
In Progress
5 Gorgan CHP Power Plant (25 MW) PEDC EPC Contract with a Contractor Ongoing
6 Damghan Solar Farm (10MW) PEDC EPC Contract with a Contractor Ongoing
7 Damghan Solar Farm (10MW) Khaf Wind Farm (50 MW) EPC Contract with a Contractor Under Development



Power Generation Utilities and Renewables
Items Subsidiaries Description
1 Tolid Energy Bargh Shams Pasargad Power Plant (Shariati Power Plant)
2 Parto Shams Taban Khoybined Cycle Power Plant
3 Tadbir Sazan Saramad Operation, Development and Construction of Urmia Combined Cycle Power Plant
4 Qeshm Movalled Operation, Development and Construction of Qeshm Movalled Power Plant
5 West Azarbayejan Electeric Power Generation Management Electric Power Generation, Operation, Maintenance, Technical and Engineering Services of Power Plants.
6 Taban Energy Pasargad Industries Development Renewable Energy Power Plants Distributed Power Generation
7 Niroo Gostar Sirjan construction, Operation and Development of Sirjan Power Plants Generating and Selling Electricity
8 Seavan Tadbir Tejarat Distribution & trading oil & gas products

8. Naftanir Industrial Projects Management

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