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PEDC has started its activities and investments in Iran’s Power Generation business since fifteen (15) years ago and concurrent with its establishment in 2008. In fact, PEDC as a private sector company is one of the initiatives of investing in Power Generation in Iran after the government decision for privatization of the industry in Iran.

Heretofore, PEDC through ownership and operation of its power plants is generating around 3,000 MW of power which contributes to 3% of total power generation in the country.

In addition to investment and ownership of the power generation facilities, our activities and investments encompass almost the whole value chain of the industry covering execution, production, operation and maintenance, supply of equipment and services, management and consulting related to various types of plants such as Thermal, Combined Cycle and Gas Turbine Power Plants as well as Solar Panels.

In line with our strategies to become a leading Renewable Energy role player in Iran, PEDC started production and operation of its first Solar Power project in Damghan in the center of Iran with power generation capacity of 10 MW in early 2023. To pursue our commitments towards green energy production we are planning to boost our technology competitiveness and expand our investments in Wind and Solar Power Plants inside and outside of Iran.

Our businesses in power generation, utilities and infrastructural facilities are also consisting of implementation and execution of the related development projects in the form of Turn Key, EPC and MC contracts as well as Operation and Maintenance (O&M) activities through the capabilities and the experiences of PEDC’s specialized subsidiary companies.

There are eight (8) subsidiary companies actively running our businesses in Power Generation, Utilities and Infrastructure investments/projects.

In terms of power generation, PEDC’s  plants and facilities are now operative almost in whole across the country north to south of Iran.

PEDC completed and under development power generation investments are

Completed Investment:

  • Urmia Combined Cycle Power Plant:1,444 MW
  • Shariati Combined Cycle Power Plant:502 MW
  • Pasargad Qeshm Water & Power Cogeneration Plant:400 MW
  • Khoy Combined Cycle Power Plant:350 MW
  • Sirjan Power Plant:25 MW
  • Damghan Solar Power Plant:10 MW

Under Development Investment:

  • Expansion of Shariati Combined Cycle Power Plant:245 MW
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