NaftaNir is a subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company established in 2010. The main activity of NafteNir is the execution of projects in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. One of the largest and most enduring projects in the oil and gas industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran is the construction of gas export pipelines to Iraq, which was initiated by NaftaNir on July 13, 2015, with 100% private sector investment through the BOT method, with a capital of over $2.8 billion, and completed on February 1, 2016.

It has been operational since September 2017. This project has been implemented in two parts, pipeline and metering station, as well as gas pressure boosting stations. The gas transmission pipeline starts from Asaluyeh, the South Pars gas field, and after passing through five provinces, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Lurestan, Ilam and Kermanshah, and increasing pressure at gas pressure boosting stations, it reaches the borders of Shalamcheh and Naft Shahr for gas exports and for domestic use in the western parts of the country.

With the completion and commissioning of the temporary metering station in 2017 and the permanent gas metering station in Shalamcheh in 2018, the total volume of gas exported to Iraq from the Shalamcheh metering station alone until July 15, 2021 was over ten billion cubic meters. Gas exports from the Naft Shahr station until July 22, 2021, amounted to over 22.5 billion cubic meters.

With the commissioning of all gas pressure boosting stations, the possibility of exporting 70 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq per day has been created, which will result in annual revenue of over $4 billion for the country.

NaftaNir Company is the only private company that has taken responsibility for operating the gas pipeline and gas pressure boosting stations for the first time for a period of three years. In this regard, three yards have been constructed in Ahvaz, Poldokhtar, and Kermanshah, and more than 1200 native workers have been employed per month during the operation period, including gas pressure boosting stations.

The main activities of NaftaNir company include:

  • High-end and low-end projects
  • Implementation of projects using Buy-Back, BOT, and EPCF methods
  • Project management (MC)
  • General contracting (GC)
  • Conceptual studies, economic and financial evaluation of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry projects

Basic and detailed engineering NaftaNir company has completed and is currently working on various projects, including:

Design and construction of a part of the sixth national gas pipeline for gas exports to Iraq (IGAT6)

Preliminary site evaluation and documentation preparation, selection of designers and project management consultants, preparation of tender documents, and technical/economic proposal evaluation for consultants

Establishment of a bitumen refinery in Qeshm

Engineering consultant for a part of the activities related to the construction of Butacam Mahshahr Petrochemical Plant

Preliminary project management studies for the establishment of auxiliary facilities at the Zanjan Petrochemical Complex.


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