Human Capital

We at Pasargad Energy Development Company believe that human capital is the most valuable asset of our organization. This value is for our colleagues’ knowledge, skills, experience, commitment, loyalty, and innovation. We have always tried to prioritize the development of the personal and social skills of our personnel, which is in line with the sustainable development of our business while taking advantage of the young and expert workforce and combining it with experience. One of the key strengths of PEDC is the capital's view of labour as the most valuable intangible asset of the organization. We have created a strong competitive advantage and sustainable distinction in the energy market by aligning human capital such as the skills and knowledge of our employees with informational capital, human resource management, and organizational capital such as teamwork and organizational culture.

By revising our recruitment policies and programs to improve the qualifications of our employees, we have gathered a group of experts and smart people with a combination of skills, experience, creativity and innovation so that we can achieve our goals with the highest quality and efficiency in the direction of sustainable development of our business.

We have focused our human capital development on the following four pillars

Staff skills

Talents of employees

Staff information

Knowledge of employees

PEDC based on its macro approach to the development of human capital and through the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of its managers, experts and consultants, and by using agile management tools, has identified opportunities and threats in today's changing environment and has established its position in the energy market of the country and the region by responding to them promptly.

As a leading organization in the country's energy industries, we believe in the knowledge-based development of our business through quality, creative and dynamic human resources in a platform based on macro, comprehensive and integrated management approaches, and we proudly consider this approach as our most obvious strength.