The company (Private Joint Stock) was established in 2007 with the aim of investing in and constructing (designing, building, and operating) a 500 MW combined-cycle power plant in the Industrial Ownership and Registration Office of Qeshm Free Zone.

In 2014, with the participation of Pasargad Energy Development Company and its affiliated companies as shareholders in this company, in addition to the construction of the 500 MW combined-cycle power plant, the required utilities for Pars Behin Naft Refinery in Qeshm (from companies affiliated with Pasargad Financial Group) were also assigned to this company. For this purpose, three gas units with a total capacity of 85 MW were purchased and the construction and installation of the units have been completed.

The construction of the utility facilities was completed in 2017, and the installation of all equipment, including HRSG and utility equipment such as MED and polishing plants, is in the final stages of completion.

The supply of auxiliary services for the refinery and port, including the supply of distilled water, salt-free water, drinking water, low-pressure steam, medium-pressure steam, and the necessary electricity, will be the responsibility of this unit. The construction of a 320 MW gas power plant as phase 2 of the company's activities began with the purchase of turbines and generators from Ansaldo Italy, and it was put into operation in May 2022.

Main activities

  • Operation of an 85 MW gas power plant (the mentioned power plant has been operational since the beginning of 2017)
  • Design, construction and operation of a 500 MW combined cycle power plant (320 MW being installed)
  • Construction of steam and desalination facilities (230 tons of steam per hour + 800 cubic meters of fresh water per hour)

Specifications of power plant (phase one)

85 MW gas power plant

One Frame 6 gas turbine (rated capacity of 35 MW)

Two Frame 5 gas turbines (rated capacity of 25*2 MW)

Iso-rated capacity: 70 MW

Primary fuel: gas

Backup fuel: diesel

Specifications of power plant (phase two)

320 MW gas power plant

Class F gas turbine, AE94.3 model, made by Ansaldo Italy (the largest gas unit in the country)

Gas efficiency: 39.5%

Combined cycle efficiency: 59.5%

Fuel: natural gas

Generator capacity: 420 MVA

Phase three (in design phase)

Combined cycle steam section of phase two Specifications of utility facilities

Three HRSG units with steam production capacity at two pressures of 5 and 22 bars, with a capacity of 230 tons per hour

Four MED units with desalinated water production capacity of 680 cubic meters per hour

One demineralized water production unit with a capacity of 155 cubic meters per hour

One drinking water production unit with a capacity of 660 cubic meters per hour


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Investment and construction of Pasargad Qeshm power and water power plant (500 megawatts)