Code of Conduct

At Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC), our mission is “through smart investments and managing our portfolio, we aim to provide competitive products and services in the energy sector, and while considering the benefits of our stakeholders, we play an effective role in the national sustainable development.” 

In line with the PEDC's mission statement, all our employees, whether in the holding company or in the subsidiaries, support a code of ethics that reflects our core values, which include “Value Creation for Stakeholders”, “Commitment to Safety and Society”, “Excellence”, and “Accountability & Integrity”.

  • Support the code of Conduct
  • Value creation for stakeholders
  • Commitment to safety and community
  • Accountability and honesty

PEDC Code of Ethics

All employees are expected to put their efforts in line with long-term profitability while considering sustainable development.

All employees are expected to behave according to fair and ethical principles in their competition, and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations.

All employees are expected to prioritize customer satisfaction by placing customer satisfaction at the center of everything they do, striving to meet their needs and expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

All employees are expected to act according to integrity and transparency in all business transactions and relationships, and expected the same in their relationships with others.

All employees are strictly prohibited from accepting direct or indirect offers, payments, gifts, or bribes in any business transactions and relationships.

All employees are expected to actively avoid situations that could create a conflict of interest between their company and the partners.

All employees are expected to open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, provide accurate and timely information about their activities and performance.

All groups in our company must pledge their commitment to refrain from engaging in party policies.

All employees are expected to prioritize safety, take necessary precautions, and promptly report any potential hazards or incidents.

All employees are expected to implement safety measures in all of operations to ensure the well-being of themself, contractors, and stakeholders.

All employees are expected to prioritize the protection of the local communities where they operate and strive for environmental sustainability.

All employees must be convinced that through fulfilling social responsibilities, the company can contribute to the continuous improvement of the communities where we operate.

All our employees are committed to treating stakeholders (including but not limited to employees, customers, shareholders, and partners) with respect, dignity, and consideration.

All employees are expected to provide equal opportunities to all people, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, or any other legally recognized characteristics.

All employees are committed to provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding financial activities, ensure transparency and accountability in reporting processes.

All employees are expected to properly comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.