Creativity and Variety

Our approach to transforming the development of PEDC into an international company has made creativity and a variety of important keywords in our development policies and plans.

Creativity and variety are not our slogans, but this principle is integrated with all our development approaches. We are always trying to develop our business sector in a sustainable way in line with the macro policies of the country by relying on domestic capability and combining it with creativity and innovation and using valuable international technologies and experiences.

In this regard, one of the policies of the Pasargad Energy Development Company is to support knowledge-based programs and projects based on creativity and variety and to transform them into economic plans and use them in their development plans.

We believe that

In today's highly competitive market, creativity and variety are one of the most important aspects of competitive differentiation, especially in the field of energy industries

we know well that

To achieve this goal, we must have a comprehensive and comprehensive plan, and we have taken this principle into account when explaining our goals.

We have invested significantly in the development of creativity-oriented approaches in all components and elements of our activity, and by developing engineering approaches and creating internal productive capabilities at the group level, we have been able to achieve a significant level of self-reliance based on innovation in the fields of engineering, information technology, information security, safety, and sustainable development, and applied sciences.

We consider ourselves committed to planning and trying to develop the creativity and variety of our personnel, and we consider the integration of this ability in all work processes and technical aspects of the group's activity to be one of our privileges.