Productivity in Water

Freshwater resources are increasingly under the pressure of population growth, economic development, pollution, and climate change. This issue has led to visible water tensions in some regions that are more affected by the global warming phenomenon, and unfortunately, large parts of the Iranian plateau are under the severe influence of water tensions.

At the same time, the level of access to drinking and safe water in Iran has good statistics, but several years of water stress and successive periods of drought have led to serious damage to the surface and underground water resources in Iran.

Its effects are clearly visible in the significant reduction of the level of underground water resources, the drying up of wetlands, lakes, and catchment basins, and the lack of sufficient water supply for agriculture, etc.

Water security and access to sufficient water resources are some of the challenges facing the Middle East and especially Iran, which is a serious threat to the realization of sustainable development for this region.

Therefore, we at Pasargad Energy Development Group are committed to changing the consumption pattern (optimization), modifying the water supply infrastructure in the offices and projects in operation, recycling the produced wastewater, increasing the productivity in the power plants, and modifying the processes.

In order to be efficient in water consumption, we should act in such a way that we have a positive impact on water resources in our work environment and the net amount of fresh water production at the level of the Pasargad's projects is greater than its consumption.

We are committed to avoiding the use of freshwater resources for our development projects as much as possible, and have a positive effect on water consumption through increasing the efficiency of the used technologies and development of cultural programs, and participation in Providing fresh water in stressed areas These efforts are necessary to achieve the sixth goal of sustainable development and to preserve the environment.