Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 goals of the United Nations as a road map for the world community to achieve sustainable development and as an international and accepted charter, is a road map for societies on the path of sustainability, which was approved in the meeting with the presence of the head of different countries' government.

Strategies of Pasargad Energy Development Group in the field of sustainable development are defined according to this plan and in line with the realization of the goals related to the working area of this group and all the actions in this field are in accordance with the local interpretation of these goals according to the component social, religious and cultural aspects of the country Based on this, among the 17 goals of sustainable development, the following 11 goals are considered the main priority at the level of Pasargad Energy Development Group

  • Goals: 3-6-7-8-9-12-13-14-15-16 and 17

Of course, the priority of these goals does not mean not paying attention to other goals of sustainable development, and on this basis, we have developed activities and programs in the field of other goals, in accordance with the conditions of society and the nature of our activities especially including goal number 4

Our approach in the field of corporate governance is to ensure the compliance of all major decisions with these goals in a way that helps to develop and realize some goals also do not be against the concept of other goals, that the concept of sustainable development is the simultaneous attention to all economic, environmental and social aspects of development.