Our sustainability strategy

The concept of sustainability and our way of doing business are intertwined and an integral part of our strategy.

Our strategy is to try to provide more and more clean energy in a responsible way which creates a logical balance between our short and long-term interests and provides a platform for the integration of economic, environmental, and social considerations.

We are committed to developing activities in the field of sustainable development and have continuously put the necessary changes into work in order to improve our situation in this regard. Our approach to sustainable development is targeted, structured, and participatory based on the organization’s values which have been established. We strive to make sustainability as a core value of our culture, business, processes, corporate governance, and decisions.

Based on the successful experiences and approach of international organizations and institutions, for our strategy in the field of sustainability, we have developed the following four axes in order to respond to the needs and concerns of society and the environment:

Commitment to providing a diverse and clean energy portfolio and guaranteeing secure energy for society

Responsible corporate governance and creating sustainable value for shareholders

Commitment to the safety, health and well-being of employees, stakeholders and the community

Protecting the earth and respecting the environment