Process Safety

In line with global approaches to the concept of safety, in the Pasargad Energy Development Group, the concept of safety goes beyond occupational safety and health and includes technical and process safety in all areas of activity of the group.

We believe that the prevention of major process accidents will in fact be a perspective to ensure the continuity of the business in operating companies, and accordingly, the concept of process safety from the design phase in all projects is considered one of the main approaches of the organization and always be considered in the length of the project's life cycle.

Process safety is an integral part of the group's policies and plans for the protection of capital, equipment, personnel, and the environment, which guarantees the prevention of major process accidents and also ensures the reduction of failure rates and unplanned stops. which will ultimately lead to the reduction of operational costs and costs related to maintenance.

In Pasargad Energy Development Group, the development of the process safety management program based on the risk-based approach in all operational-process companies is one of the development goals in the field of management systems, and this system should be merged in the organization's macro management system as an accepted organizational principle.

The HSE management regulation of the group includes the requirements related to process safety management at the same time as the issue of occupational health and safety, and compliance with these requirements is necessary for all the companies of the group.

Our goal in process safety is to prevent level 1 process safety incidents and reduce process safety incidents at the group level, which will be achieved through the development of a process safety management program as part of the comprehensive HSE management system at the group level.