Pasargad Energy Development Co. (PEDC) is a prominent role player in Iranian downstream oil and gas industries. It has been the most active investing company in quality refineries and petrochemical projects. So far, the total value of the completed investments have summed up to 4.3 Billion USD of which 2.57 Billion USD contributes to the completed downstream projects.

Considering the privileges and competitive advantages of oil and gas resources available in Iran, PEDC has defined the strategies to invest, develop, produce and maintain (O&M) the refinery and petrochemical plants to diversify the products and completing the value chain of the related products and services towards the expanded downstream industries. A compound effect of downstream products with our trading and commerce competencies in addition to our own infrastructure such as Hara port in north area of Qeshm Island will lead to improved value creation for our shareholders and the increased market share as well.

PEDC manages development, production, operation and maintenance, sales and marketing and logistics of its completed or under construction investments via conducting subsidiary companies in downstream section.

Since March 2023 and concurrent with completion of its Heavy Oil Refinery with capacity refining of 35,000 barrel per day, PEDC now is biggest supplier of the different grades of Bitumen which is 20% of market share in Iran. Also, PEDC is increasing its refinery capacity to 100,000 barrels per day by adding 65,000 barrels per day through construction of Qeshm Gas Condensate Refinery.

Moreover, as one of the most powerful and experienced Iranian contractor, PEDC successfully executed 6th Iran Gas Trunkline (IGAT VI) as one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Iran under a BOT contract with investment value of 2,28 Million USD. IGAT VI 56” gas pipeline with total approximate length of 600 Km starts from Assaluyeh in south of Iran and passes through five provinces to Iraq border to export.

PEDC is strategically positioned to enhance its presence in the petrochemical industry through the development of two state-of-the-art petrochemical plants located in the southern region of Iran. These advancements will establish PEDC as a prominent supplier of Methanol, with an impressive initial production capacity of 3,300 K tons per year in the first phase. As part of our long-term vision, we are committed to expanding our product offerings in the second phase, focusing on the production of PE, PP, and HDPE, utilizing the innovative Methanol To Olefin (MTO) technology.

To ensure our technological excellence, PEDC has formed joint ventures with renowned world-class research institutes, solidifying our position as a leading technology supplier within the oil industry's value chain. As a result, PEDC has become a trusted provider of licenses, technical expertise, and invaluable know-how, particularly in the areas of catalysts and MTO technology for refinery and petrochemical units across Iran.

Our Subsidiaries Downstream Oil and Gas