Access to Energy

Safe access to clean energy and ensuring energy security is one of the goals of sustainable development and one of the main foundations for achieving sustainable economic growth, which will have a direct impact on other sustainable development goals.

Eliminating poverty, inequality, lack of education, hunger, and many other sustainable development goals depends on ensuring sustainable access to energy for all parts of society. Pasargad Energy Development Group, in line with its main mission in providing energy and as one of the largest investment holdings in this sector, always puts the production of clean energy with the least environmental impact and the provision and guarantee of energy security in the country at the top of its agenda. By diversifying its energy production portfolio and using new and reliable technologies, while developing its business, this group has been able to play a prominent role in reducing the imbalance of energy supply in the country and is currently the largest company In the field of electric energy in the private sector supplies more than 4% of the country's electricity consumption in a sustainable manner.

Based on our commitment to the development of public well-being, we are trying to increase our share of the country's energy market through the development of investment in the production of renewable energy, diversification of the country's energy supply portfolio, increasing the efficiency of energy production and safe and sustainable energy supply for the society.

and we believe that this is an organizational task and in line with our economic and social policies.