Production of Local Domestic Value

We believe in Pasargad Energy Development Group, the use of local labor and experts in projects under construction and operation and the use of domestic suppliers in a way that meets the standards required by Pasargad Energy Development Holding can play an effective role in achieving sustainable development.

In addition to the use of local labor experts, the empowerment plan (creating expertise) of local communities is also one of the programs related to the production of local/internal value at the group level. According to the policies of the group, 100% of public and service jobs in each project must be provided by the local labor force, and also in attracting expert and technical personnel, the priority is to use local experts as much as possible. Also, according to the group's policies, all general consumables items must be sourced from local markets and close to the projects. We are committed to supporting and strengthening the quality, competitive, and reliable supply chain inside the country with the aim of achieving sustainable economic development in Iran.

Our goal is to provide the maximum of our needs in the field of goods, equipment, and services from domestic suppliers under the condition of compliance with technical standards, and in this way, we support knowledge-based companies and technological ideas in a targeted manner. We are trying to gradually provide all the service, product, engineering, and support needs from domestic high-quality sources in all our fields of activity and we are proud to promote and recommend the support of the products made in the country.

Our goal is to help develop an endogenous economic ecosystem in the country in order to encourage other large domestic and international companies to use domestic products and cooperate with local businesses.