Occupational Safety

In Pasargad Energy Development Group, the concept of HSE, beyond the traditional approaches, is recognized as a key and central value in the organization, which is necessary for the realization of sustainable development.

We believe that the effort to maintain the safety and health of personnel is in fact a necessary, logical, and valuable investment, which, in addition to the moral and social duty, is in line with the concept of sustainable organizational development and is even necessary for it.

Based on this, we are committed to developing our activities based on creating a safe and healthy environment for all our personnel and stakeholders, and we dedicate enough hard and software resources to this goal.

In all work activities in all the companies of the group, ensuring the health and safety of personnel, contractors, suppliers, and society is one of the main governance requirements and non-negligible policies of the group.

In this regard, all companies are required to develop HSE units under the direct opinion of the CEO and with sufficient authority.

Also, in order to ensure coherence and integrity in the plans and actions of the companies in this area, all companies must align their approaches with the requirements and policies of the group in the field of HSE and policies of the group in the field of HSE and the HSE management system must be established based on comprehensive HSE management regulations.

This regulation was developed based on the operational management system of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. Our goal is the realization of "zero deaths" and the maximum reduction of HSE incidents in all business areas of Pasargad Energy Development Group, and we monitor the realization of these goals through leading and lagging performance indicators.

The diversity of Pasargad Energy Development Group's work areas, from upstream industries (offshore and onshore) to midstream and downstream sectors (pipelines, exploitation, wharves and tanks, refineries, and petrochemicals), as well as thermal, solar, and distributed generation plants and also includes engineering-service and production units, has caused the employees to face a wide and diverse range of hazards and risks, and our goal is to protect all employees and contractors against these hazards and ensure that all our colleagues return healthy and capable at the end of their working time

The safety and health of employees, contractors, and stakeholders is the key value of Pasargad Energy Development Group, which is based on the development of organizational culture and the participation of all elements of the organization, and the commitment of the senior management of the organization is its main pillar.

The development of related infrastructures with the effective participation of all employees and responding to the concerns of all stakeholders regarding safety and health risks is one of the principles of the occupational health and safety management program of the Pasargad Energy Development Group. This approach is in line with goals 3 and 8 of sustainable development and is considered a requirement for achieving sustainability in the development of Pasargad Energy Development Group.