Circular Economy

We are trying to use our materials and equipment during their life cycle with greater and longer efficiency, and our main approach in this field is to focus on the circular economy. In this regard, minimization of production waste and maximum use of available resources is the main policy of the group companies.

We are trying to reduce the number of input resources and output waste and waste of energy as economically as possible by shrinking the circles of materials and energy through using the mechanisms of technology improvement, design improvement, development of asset integrity management programs, reproduction, and recycling.

  • minimization of production waste
  • maximum use of available resources
  • development of asset integrity management programs
  • design improvement, reproduction, and recycling

This approach is consistent with goal 12 of sustainable development, which emphasizes on responsible production and consumption.

Focusing on the circular economy, along with the issue of water, biodiversity, and global warming, is one of the main approaches to the Pasargad Energy Development Group in the strategy of protecting the earth and respecting its environment.

In this way, we are trying to move as much as possible from the linear economy (supply - production, and disposal) towards the circular economy concept based on reuse, recycling, and repurposing along our supply and value chain.

This approach will not only reduce the amount of waste, but at the same time, it will also reduce the use of primary and valuable resources.

Based on this, we carefully identify our waste and energy consumption and raw materials with the priority of improving technology, trends and processes, and culture, and focus on asset integrity so that by identifying them, we can take the necessary measures to reduce the waste of resources and energy.

Circular Economy in Pedc

Our goal is to achieve "zero waste" on a large scale and at all levels of the Pasargad Energy Development Group, which the participation and support of our supply chain with these measures is very important for the realization of this important, We regularly monitor the movement in this direction and use leading and lagging indicators to monitor our performance status. Our actions, plans, and results in this regard are available in the company's annual sustainability report.

In this regard, the waste management program is one of the requirements in all group-level companies, which should be carried out by each company based on the approaches and comprehensive guidelines of the company. Also, energy consumption management and supply chain management are other measures that all the companies of the group are obliged to pay attention to and follow up on.