Health and well-being

The health and well-being of Pasargad Energy Development Group personnel are vital for our group's success.

Competing in the complex energy market requires having strong and healthy human resources, and in this regard, we do our best to improve the mental, social, and physical health of our personnel, so that we can witness the best performance of our employees with well-being and health.

the compensation plan in Pasargad Energy Development Group has been designed to ensure the improvement of mental health and social capabilities of all personnel and their respective families, as well as providing favorable levels of well-being for them.

According to the policies of the group, in addition to the worker’s compensation, all the personnel of the group have been fully covered by supplementary treatment and in addition, the reimbursement policies for compensation plans during retirement have been provided for all personnel.

The level of mental health of all colleagues in all job categories, from administrative offices to operational areas, is one of the main concerns in the development of well-being and health programs at the group level, and we are committed to creating a balance between work and family life for all personnel beside Putting social and psychological development programs on the agenda.

Based on this, access to medical services in the workplace, continuous monitoring of the health of all personnel and creation of electronic health files in all aspects of physical and mental health, planning and implementation of targeted wellbeing programs, and continuous monitoring of health risks in the workplace are part of Our actions for the development of wellbeing and health.

In addition to the health and well-being of the personnel, we also consider the health of the respected families of our colleagues as one of our goals, and we are trying to expand our activities in the field of health and well-being to the families of the employees, in developing the capabilities and to be effective for their health.

We believe that the realization of health and well-being in all the families of our colleagues will improve the general health and well-being of the society, as well as increase the productivity of human resources and create a healthy and safe work environment, investing in this regard is part of the capital investment in the path of sustainable development.

In addition to the colleagues and personnel of the Pasargad Energy Development Group, we insist on providing an acceptable level of health and well-being among all our contractors, and on this basis, we only cooperate with contractors who meet our desired level of health and well-being for their personnel. and we always actively support and monitor the improvement of the health and well-being of our contractor personnel.

Our actions in the field of health and well-being of personnel, contractors, and local communities are planned in line with the 15th goal of sustainable development.