Trading and Commercial

PEDC has created value chain of trading and commerciality in the oil and gas industry sector through:

  • Production of refinery products from the Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery and the under-construction Qeshm Gas Condensate Refinery allow PEDC to produce a wide range of refinery products. Moreover, the under-construction petrochemical units further expand PEDC's product offerings. This enhances the company's product portfolio and increases its competitiveness in the market.
  • Access to storage facilities and Hara Jetty Oil terminal in the northern area of Qeshm Island provides PEDC with a strategic advantage to facilitate the storage, import and export products. This ensures that the company can meet customer demands efficiently and enabling the company to engage in international trade and expand its market reach

In addition to above assets and facilities, PEDC has a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the trading of oil and petrochemical products. So that, by leveraging these capabilities, infrastructure, and expertise, PEDC has established itself as one of the largest trading companies for oil, products, and petrochemicals in Iran. The company can not only trade its own products but also engage in the trading of products from other companies, further expanding its market presence and revenue streams.

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