Local Communities

Local communities around the facilities are considered as one of our most important stakeholders in all projects, and we believe that fulfilling social responsibilities towards local communities is one of the main pillars of commitment to sustainable development.

As new members in every environment, we are trying to recognize and understand the differences, needs, and capabilities of local communities, while making maximum use of capabilities, in order to respond to the needs and develop the level of health and well-being in this environment.

We consider respecting the manners, customs, and cultural, social, religious, and behavioral differences of the local communities as our and all our personnel's definite duty, and We deal decisively with any disrespect from our personnel at all organizational levels to the local culture in any dimensions.

We are trying to be a good neighbor to the local communities in every environment where we operate, and with active action, while understanding and recognizing the possible concerns of the local communities, non-governmental groups, and civil and social institutions, we provide an appropriate response to solve or reduce these concerns On this basis, we are obliged to respond to the concerns of local communities in various areas affected by our performance, such as concerns related to environmental pollution, health problems cultural and social differences, and other possible concerns caused by our activities.

While actively participating in the social programs of local and surrounding communities, we support non-governmental, social, and civic groups and institutions that are active in the field of sustainable development, elimination of poverty and discrimination, or environmental programs.

And We strive to develop the well-being and health level of local communities and develop equality and social justice in these communities.