Climate Change

Climate change as the greatest natural challenge of the present edge and perhaps all ages and one of the super-facing challenges for human society threatens human life and is also a great barrier to the realization of sustainable development.

Climate changes caused by the phenomenon of global warming and affected by the unsustainable development of industries during the last century have become one of the common concerns of human society, and today, its destructive effects on different societies and its terrible damages are increasing day by day.

As one of the active companies in the energy field, we consider ourselves responsible for the efforts of the global community to reduce emissions to achieve net zero emissions, and based on macro-level targeting at the group level, we will go towards a targeted reduction of emissions in our value chain from supply to operation and sales.

Our main goal is to adapt our industry to the new conditions and to gain maximum adaptation of our decisions and policies to the concepts of sustainable development in order to fully and actively participate in the global community's effort to deal with climate change. as one of the components of society We know that, in order to continue our activities and guarantee benefits for our business and our stakeholders, we must consider efforts to prevent global warming and keep the amount of warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius in a serious way and macro policies and design our business development activities on this approach.

We are committed to dedicating enough hardware and software resources to this goal and to have effective cooperation with all partners and interested parties in this regard.

One of the main criteria of our investment in activities and business development is to ensure that it is aligned with the goal of reducing emissions and net zero emissions.