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Power,Utilities & Renewables

Power,Utilities & Renewables

The nominal capacity of all power plants of the country is expected to grow almost 3 times by the end of 2025 which together with the growing regional market translate to a great opportunity for investment in this industry.
Furthermore, Iranian authorities have offered various incentives to encourage the private sector to supply a part of the required electrical power for the country. Consequently, this right economic climate motivated PEDC to engage in this business with full force.
Purchasing a considerable share of Khoy  and  Uromeyeh Power Plants, and also 100% share of Shariati power plant (Mashhad), were the first steps fo PEDC to enter the power generation arena. Moreover several opportunities are under study for future investments.
ECA (Energy Conversion Agreement) is among these opportunities under which we have signed an agreement with government and we have set out all activities to install a 500 MW combined cycle power plant in Gheshm island to perform to combined cycle.
PEDC, in line with DG power generation , is also establishing a 25 MW CHP power plant in Sirjan in Kerman province.