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Upstream Oil & Gas

Upstream Oil & Gas

The petroleum, oil and gas, industry is the largest industry in today's world. It includes upstream, exploration and exploitation, and downstream, oil and gas refineries, petroleum product based activities, petrochemicals and related industries as well as shipping and pipe lines. In PEDC, these are individually and separately approached.
- Upstream Oil & Gas
One of the main objectives of PEDC is to form an oil company, thus, it has been very busy in studying potential exploration and production of oil and gas fields both within and outside the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The scope includes subsurface studies, drilling, trunk lines, design, construction and installation of surface facilities, production and field maintenance activities. PEDC is interested in all types of contractual arrangements; leasing, PSAs, Service Contracts (Buy Back or otherwise), EPCFs, BOTs and BOOs.
in the field of dirlling services, PEDC established in 2010 Petro Danial Kish Company (PDK) to render certian dirlling technical service to the oil industry.PDK has purchased all machineries and equipment from reputable European and Canadian manufacturers and has provided services to reputable oil contractors such as PETROPARS,OIEC,NIDC and others. PetroKariz Company has also been incorporated for Directional Drilling services and has rendered some of its services form early 2015 and continius to expand.
PEDC has finalized a contract for purchasing two drilling jack up rigs specially designed for operating in the persian Gulf. The first Jack up  rig was delivered in early 2013 and became operational in South Pars gas field . The Second jack up rig will be delivered in first halt of the year 2016 and will be employed in oil and gas development projects.
In order to carry out research and development work towards production of very complex software related to energy in general and petroleum engineering in particular, an engineering company (TAFAHOM) was formed in late 2012 . it succeeded in completing a black oil model , Retina Black Oil1, by early 2014 and had it validated an approved by all major subsidiaries of NIOC. License for the model is being offered to the market at present time.
PEDC fully recognizes the fundamental importance of geosciences. It benefits from the participation and cooperation of some of the most experienced geophysicists, geologists, drilling engineers and reservoir engineers. These experts, utilizing upto-date softwares, carry out basic technical and economic feasibility studies on potential new business and provide specialized advice to the subsidiaries and other managerial units of the company.