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Petro Danial  Kish Company(PDK).

Oil & Gas Drilling service provider.

Petro Danial Kish” (PDK) is an enterprise established as an Oil & Gas Service Provider. We aim to bring quality and high-end technology to the market. Being a subsidiary of “Pasargad Energy Development Company” (PEDC) as holding company, PDK is not only supported by its well stablished mother company but also many sister companies that are covering other areas of upstream portfolio.

Our outstanding results in the past few years placed us among the 500 Iranian giants (according to IMI 100) and top of group 5 of the same ranking in terms of growth. PDK is now a trusted advisor and reliable service provider to most of clients in Iran including but not limited to POGC, Petro Pars, OIEC, Dana, IOOC, PGFK, NISOC, ICOFC, NIOC-Exploration, NIDC, NDCO, PEDEX, Arvandan and…

Our high quality services are brought to our valued clients by dedication of our professional and hard-working technical team and some of the most technologically advanced equipment that are carefully handpicked from the most reputable manufacturers available in the market.

We now provide most of reservoir characterization and well intervention services including Surface Well Testing (SWT), Drill Stem Testing (DST), Testing Data Acquisition (TDA), Surface & Downhole Sampling, Slickline, Electrical Wireline Logging (Conventional & Advanced Open-Hole & Cased-Hole Logging, Down Hole Video, VSP and…), Perforation (Tubing Conveyed Perforation-TCP, Coiled Tubing Conveyed Perforation, Wireline Perforation), and Data Interpretation.