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Naftanir company (Private joint stock)

Oil& Gas  General contractor.

Share holders;                  Totally owned by Pasargad Energy Development company.

Naftannir has been established in 2010 to undertake the implementation of oil & gas projects as general contractor.

Due to the managers and key personnel experience of the company, and also enjoying the diverse expertise available with the Pasargad Energy Development company affiliates, we were very successful in building confidence among the potential clients in oil and gas industries.


In June 2015, Naftanir signed a BOT contract with National Iranian Gas Company to execute the Gas Trunk line Project for transportation of 40 Million (Nm3 /Day) natural gas to 6TH IGAT.

The contract price amounts to US$ 2.3 billion and its duration is 2 years for project completion.

The Project consists of 580 KM Gas Trunk line with 48 and 56 inches diameter.

5 Gas Compressor Stations will be installed along the pipeline to maintain the transportation pressure.