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 Technical forum of NIOCEXP DIRECTORATE and ESTD on RETINA

Monday، 10 February 2020 | Article Rating

In this forum, held in NIOCEXP. building attended by experts in fields of Static Modeling, Research, and Development, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, the potentials of both companies were discussed.


Having introduced ESTD and its industrial and academic activities, the ESTD technical capabilities, executive abilities, current, and finished projects were mentioned. The forum continued to mention RETINA Simulation computational features and priorities comparing it to other existing simulators in the market. The advantages were mentioned and, in the meantime, the questions raised by experts of NIOCEXP were replied to.

Subsequently, RETINA Station was introduced as:

An integrated data management platform in relation to various stages of development of oil and gas fields. This product is designated in modular form to which different plugins could be easily added if needed. So far, the features needed to be used in RETINA Simulation have been included in this product. Hence management of the field data such as well and reservoir data and creating simulation models exist in RETINA Station.

Providing data flow and reservoir modeling as well as managing miscellaneous data, this product is an integrated platform for collaborating various specialties.

The method of gaining technical knowledge in developing this software is based on the internal design method based on the company’s research and development ideas and activities.

Other features and capabilities of RETINA Station presented at this forum:

  1. Development of data as a data platform
  2. Building an integrated data management using the database
  3. Adding plugins to develop new capabilities
  4. Defining the new type of data through an XML file
  5. Ability to add new features to existing data
  6. Having an advanced computational environment

At the end, both sides agreed to start cooperation by installing Evaluation Licenses of RETINA Simulation & RETINA Station in order to evaluate the possibility of developing these softwares in static modeling and finally confirming the purchase of these products.

  • Technical forum of NIOCEXP DIRECTORATE and ESTD on RETINA
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