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Islamabad Keen on Carrying out IP Pipeline

 Islamabad Keen on Carrying out IP Pipeline

Saturday، 18 August 2018 | Article Rating

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The spokesperson of Pakistan's Foreign Office said the country is determined to implement international energy projects especially the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan (IPC) and the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline (TAPI) project.


According to IRNA, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal on Thursday responded to queries asked by media outlets about the future of Pakistan's energy and economic projects including IP and TAPI pipeline projects under US pressure, saying that in order for realization of long-term goals of regional stability, Pakistan's national interests are the determining part in these projects.

The official described his country as the linking bridge for economic stability of the region, saying that energy and economic projects are key factors in realization of regional development in political and economic spheres and, in this regard, all the regional projects related to the country's development are of utmost significance.

The official went on to say that projects such as IP pipeline are closely linked to Pakistan's development.

  • Islamabad Keen on Carrying out IP Pipeline
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