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With its upstream oil & gas sector, PEDC has successfully established itself a prominent position in the market by providing necessary entities and assets to execute projects at all sizes and scopes. Due to its outstanding growth and successful records in the implementation of offshore and onshore drilling and services projects for National Iranian Oil Co. subsidiaries including POGC, IOOC, IOEC and NISOC as well as obtaining required quality certificates, standards and clients’ satisfaction in terms of quality, timely operation and HSE performance; PEDC now stands among top oil and gas contractors of choice for NIOC and its affiliated companies. Having been awarded the contract for development of Speher&Jofeir oil fields in late March 2018, PEDC is now exploring wider opportunities and challenges in the oil and gas fields’ development via putting together a strong team of seasoned experts. This has won Pasargad E&P the title of first Iranian E&P operator.

PEDC’s upstream segment strategy is to:

“Create value in the sector through synergizing, elevating and integrating the capacities and capabilities built in the subsidiary companies”


The five companies in the division operate across various stages of value chain of upstream, each with its competitive advantage and notable market share. The portfolio of activities includes :



Upstream Oil and Gas
Name of Company Field of Activity
Pasargad Exploration & Production Exploration & Production (E&P)
Ostovan Kish Drilling (OKDC) Implement and Manage Offshore and Onshore Drilling Operations
Petro Danial Kish (PDK) Oil and Gas Wells Technical Services
Petro Kariz Omid Kish (PKOK) Directional Drilling Service Provider
Engineering Support Technology Development (ESTD) Engineering Services and Developing Computer Models
Tejarat Pasargad Procurement & industrial equipment
Pezhvak Energy Implementation of integrated engineering services, drilling and supplying oil and gas projects
Petro Kala Pasargad kish(Subsidiary of Tejarat Pasargad) Provision of drilling equipment and technical inspection of drilling rig
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