Petro Danial Kish Company(PDK).

Petro Danial Kish

Petro Danial Kish (PDK), a subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC), was established in 2010 as a technical service company for oil and gas wells.
Standing among top 500 companies and one of the rapidly growing companies of Iran, PDK has achieved numerous eye catching achievements through its technology and knowledge driven human capital. PDK has its outstanding reputation on the skills and dedication of its hardworking employees. Technology and people working together to deliver fantastic results is how PDK shows off as a solution-oriented company.

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The company enjoys the most diverse active range of services to serve local onshore and offshore clients. What has positioned PDK among the first choices of clients are its capable human resources who have worked for years for international service companies, its knowledge sharing, innovative and robust learning culture as well as respect for and attention to clients’ technical and operational requirements.

PDK’s main activity is providing oil and gas wells technical services to offshore and onshore client. At PDK, we deliver the following range of technical services:

Item Title of Project Client Status
1 Coiled Tubing, Wireline Logging, Acidizing and Barge Services PGFK Completed
2 Well Testing and Perforation Services GPTK Completed
3 Well Logging Services IOOC Completed
4 Well Testing, Perforation and Acidizing Services Top Select Holding Limited Completed
5 Perforation Services IOEC Completed
6 Well Logging and Perforation Services NISOC ongoing
7 Perforation and Well Testing Services PGFK ongoing
8 Onshore Fracturing, Well Testing, Coil Tubing, Gas Lifting, Acidizing, Completion Services NIOC EXP. ongoing
9 Offshore Well Testing, Completion Services NIOC EXP. ongoing
10 Well Testing, Well logging, Slickline, DST and Well Head Services Dana Energy ongoing

PDK have always tried to be a trusted advisor for costumers, a company providing solutions instead of only services. We have been able to achieve a high client satisfaction rating in all projects we involved and we are proud that our customers always refer to PDK for special and complex projects. Followings are what differentiates us from other service providers in Iran:

  • Managing Director: Hashem Sabbaghan
  • Tel : (+98) 2126401766
  • Fax : (+98) 2126401758
  • Email : marketing@petrodanial.com
  • website : www.petrodanial.com
  • Address: 11th floor, Sayeh Tower, Opposite Mellat Park, Valiasr Ave. Tehran, Iran


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