ESTD was established in 2012 as one of the subsidiaries of Pasargad Energy Development Company with the aim of providing engineering services and developing specialized software in the upstream oil and gas value chain. This knowledge-based company has grown in the production of specialized software in the oil and gas sector by attracting elite human resources from top universities in various engineering fields and employing skilled personnel in the oil and gas industry.

Currently, the company has developed a 3D reservoir simulation software (RETINA) by combining specialized knowledge in software and oil and gas engineering. RETINA Simulation is the most important software produced by Tafahom and is offered to customers through sales contracts for the license and support services. At present, this simulation has been purchased and is being used by oil-rich regions, oil engineering and development, continental shelves, and universities throughout the country. According to the assessment of the Deputy of Engineering, Research, and Technology of the Ministry of Oil, Tafahom Company and RETINA Simulation software are ranked first among more than 200 knowledge-based brain and software companies active in the oil and gas industry and have been approved by the Ministry of Oil (AVL) and are also listed in the Tavanir system. Services that Tafahom can offer include:

  • Selling RETINA Simulation license and support services
  • Studying and simulating conventional fields and providing development programs using RETINA Simulation
  • Studying unconventional reservoir fields using RETINA Simulation
  • Designing and optimizing hydraulic fracturing using RETINA Simulation
  • Designing and optimizing well completion using RETINA Simulation
  • Developing custom engineering software
  • Developing MaintAssist software


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engineering services and specialized software development, 3D simulation software of hydrocarbon reservoirs (Retina Simulator)