Ostovan Kish Drilling Company (OKDC) is an Iranian private company that was established in 2010 with the aim of performing oil and gas drilling operations and managing the drilling rigs in offshore and onshore. The company has always strived for optimal activity with the highest level of safety and quality, and using its specialized workforce, it provides technical services to the Iranian upstream oil and gas industries within the framework of its assigned tasks. At present, the company's activity is focused on managing an offshore drilling rig named “Parsargad 100”, owned by Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC).

However, the company is seeking to expand its activities by equipping drilling fleets, acquiring new contracts for "offshore and onshore drilling projects", "supply of goods and equipment", and "human resource supply" for drilling oil and gas wells for customers. OKDC has the ability to execute and provide various services, such as:

Managing of offshore and onshore drilling rigs

Supplying the hardware and software needs of drilling rig maintenance systems

Supplying efficient human resources for the drilling industry

Engineering services and supervision of the construction

Operation of drilling rigs at offshore and onshore

In recent years, OKDC has been able to establish itself as leading reputable and professional private drilling contractor in the Iranian drilling market, providing offshore drilling services using highly capable and experienced Iranian employees. Some of the major completed and ongoing projects are:

Maintenance project of the production wells of South Pars phases (Client: Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC))

Yalda exploratory well drilling project (Client: Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC))

Drilling and repair operations of wells in the Siri area, (Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC))

Repair operations of 4 well rings (Client: National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC))

Drilling of 11 development wells in South Pars Phase 21 (Client: Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company (OIEC))

Rig Fleet

Rig Name/ Type Pasargad 100/ Independent 3 leg Jack up
Design CP 300
Water Depth 300 ft
Drilling Deptht 30000 ft
Built Year 2013
Leg Length 411 ft
Class Notations A1 Self-Elevating MODU
Max Variable Drilling Load 7716 KIPS
Accommodation 105 Persons
Derrick 35 ft. * 40 ft. Base * 170 ft. 1500 Kips. 14 Lines
Draw works JC 90DB. 4 * 720 Kw Ac Motor
Top Drive TDS 8 SA NOV. 750 Ton. 1150 HP


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Field of activity
Drilling activities in the upstream field of oil and gas industries