Our Shareholders

As part of Pasargad Financial Group, PEDC is a key arm of Pasargad Financial Group in the oil, gas, and energy sector. PEDC, majority shares owned by Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad Company and Pars Aryan Investment Corporation, has Bank Pasargad as its ultimate beneficial owner.

Bank Pasargad has achieved significant recognition, being named the Bank of the Year 2021 according to the IMI ranking published in January 2022. Additionally, it secured the titles of Bank of the Year 2021 and Islamic Bank of the Year 2021 in Iran by the Banker Magazine. Holding the leading position among Iranian private banks and securing the 4th position overall, Bank Pasargad emphasizes its substantial financial strength. Our esteemed shareholders, Pars Aryan Investment and Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad Company Corporation, have achieved prestigious positions in the IMI ranking for 2022. Pars Aryan Investment has secured the 10th rank among Iranian companies based on revenue, while Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad Company Corporation has earned recognition as one of the top fast-moving Iranian companies.

Pasargad Financial Group, a leading name in Iran's financial landscape since 1999, boasts a strong presence in diverse sectors such as banking, financial services, mining, oil, gas, energy, IT, ICT services, building construction, and healthcare. With a portfolio of 60 companies, most publicly listed on the Iranian Stock Market, the group has earned a prestigious position in the country's financial sector.