Naftanir was established in 2010 to serve as general contractor in the implementation of oil and gas projects. It is totally owned by the Pasargad Energy Development Company. Owing to the experience of its managers and key personnel of the company, and also using the diverse expertise available with PEDC affiliates, Naftanir was very successful in building confidence among potential clients in oil and gas industries. In 2015, a four-year BOT agreement was signed with Gas Engineering and Development company for the construction of 590 kilometers of gas pipeline measuring 56, 48 and 30 inches in diameter as well as five gas compressor stations and other utilities.Once operational, the project would allow gas exports to supplying domestic demand at a maximum rate of 110 mcm/d.Construction operations under the $2.2 million agreement are expected to be over in 2018.

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1 Installation of Butacom Petrochemical Units Installation of /Butacom Petrochemical Units to produce Butyl Robber and Isobutylene.It is the first time that this technology is going to be used in IRAN. It is planned to produce 50,000 tons per year.
2 Installation of 6th Iranian Gas Trunk Line (Export Gas Pipeline) Iranian National Gas Company has plan to develop commercial relations with neiboring countries to export the gas from reservoirs of south pars fields which are under development.
3 Development and early Production of Kish Gas Field Project Naftanir Company has participated in tendering process of Aftab Gas Refinery project in Kish Island as a Construction Contractor. The main activities are as follows: Reviewing the project documents such as: - Mechanical Data Sheets - MTO'S of all Refinery Equipment - Approved Vendor List - Approved Manufactures Providing documents such as: - Project information - Equipment Data Sheets - Specifications - Valves Data Sheets - Pipes & Fittings Data - Packages Data Sheets - Electrical Equipment Data Sheets - Instrument & Telecom Equipment Data Sheets
4 Project Management For Petrochemical Complex Utilities In Zanjan Province Naftanir Company Participates in the Pardis Fanavaran Alborz Project as project Management Consultant (PMC). Naftanir has done the following activities: Finalizing Project Management scope of work. Management and supervision of utilities installation which supports many petrochemical Units of Pardis Fanavaran Alborz Industrial Complex.
5 Installation Of 9th Iranian Gas Trunk Line( Gas Pipeline From Saghez to Miandoab) Naftanir Company arranges a number of meetings with its partner (construction contractor) and with client which the result was awarding this project. Naftanir has the responsibility to manage the consortium of this project too.
  • Managing Director: Yaghub Gholami
  • Tel : (+98) 21-26709603
  • Fax : (+98) 21-26709884
  • Email : info@naftanir.com
  • website : www.naftanir.com
  • Address: 5th Floor, No9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi st, Madar sq, Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran, Iran


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