Engineering Support Technology Development (ESTD)

Engineering Support Technology Development

Founded in 2012, the Engineering Support Technologies Development Company is involved in providing engineering services and developing computer programs for energy industry by recruiting graduates of the Sharif University of Technology in various fields.Having obtained knowledge and experience in modeling and simulation, this company is completely capable of creating and developing specific-purpose simulation programs and providing engineering services including design, optimization, and handling technical issues in all sectors of energy industry.The most significant activity of this company at the moment is development of a 3D dynamic simulator program for Iranian hydrocarbon reservoirs and is currently in the final stages of launching its Fractured Black Oil Simulation software (RETINA – Black Oil 1) with well, aquifer, and fault modeling.The company is evaluating this program with the data of Iranian reservoirs in cooperation with the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

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Comprising highly educated and talented engineers and having access to their in-depth knowledge of physical models and numerical analysis, ESTD enjoys one of the best, most flexible and fastest consultation teams in the market. ESTD provides specialized engineering services some of which are unique in terms of tools and workflows.

Engineering Services and Developing Computational Models

Item Project Title Client Scope of work Status
1 Evaluating and testing RETINA Iranian Central Oil Field Evaluating RETINA Completed
2 Modelling and analysis a damage in a Turbine MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA) Analysis the damage Completed
3 Evaluating and testing RETINA Iranian Offshore Oil Company Evaluating RETINA Completed
4 Evaluating and testing RETINA Petroleum Eingineering and Development Company Evaluating RETINA Completed
5 Evaluating and testing RETINA National Iranian South Oil Company Evaluating RETINA Completed
6 Perforation Optimization Package Petro Danial Kish Company RETINA Stimulation Completed
7 Evaluating and testing RETINA Offshore & Onshore Development Tasdid Evaluating RETINA Completed
8 Cooperation in field Study Institute of Petroleum Engineering Evaluating RETINA Completed
9 License Agreement for RETINA Simulation Pasargad Exploration &Production Purchasing Completed
10 Data Managemnt of Reservoirs Pasargad Exploration &Production ----- Completed
11 Sepehr and Jofeir Reservoir Study Pasargad Exploration &Production ----- Completed
12 License Agreement for Retina Simulation Shiraz University Purchasing Completed
13 Development Planning of South Azadegan Iranian E&P Companies Forum Reservoir Evaluation Completed
14 Cooperation in Software Development Target Oil Field Services Reservoir Evaluation Ongoing
15 License Agreement for Retina Simulation PEDEC Purchasing Completed
  • Managing Director:Mr. Sina Mohajeri
  • Tel : (+98) 2188884437
  • Fax : (+98) 2188788649
  • Email : info@estd.ir
  • Unit 313, Office 3, Mirdamad Grand Bazaar, between Valiasr Street and Jordan Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran, Iran.


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