Ostovan Kish Drilling

Ostovan Kish Drilling

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company (OKDC) is a burgeoning Private Join Stock Company (P.J.S) that has been working as an onshore and offshore drilling company since its establishment in early 2011. OKDC is an affiliated company of Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC). OKDC is not only supported by its well established mother company but also many sister companies that are covering other areas of upstream portfolio and services.

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Implement and manage offshore and onshore drilling operations

Rig Flit
Rig Name/ Type Pasargad 100/ Independent 3 leg Jack up
Design CP 300
Water Depth 300 ft
Drilling Deptht 30000 ft
Built Year 2013
Leg Length 411 ft
Class Notations A1 Self-Elevating MODU
Max Variable Drilling Load 7716 KIPS
Accommodation 105 Persons
Derrick 35 ft. * 40 ft. Base * 170 ft. 1500 Kips. 14 Lines
Draw works JC 90DB. 4 * 720 Kw Ac Motor
Top Drive TDS 8 SA NOV. 750 Ton. 1150 HP
List Of Projects
Item Title of Project Client Scope of work Status
1 Hiring of Drilling Unit for Platforms of Sirri District Iranian Offshore Oil Company Hiring of Drilling Unit to perform Drilling, Repair and completion Works for Platforms of Sirri District Completed
2 Supply of Drilling Unit for South Pars Gas Field Development- Phase 20/21 Oil Industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC) Supply of Drilling Unit, Facilities, Equipment and Manpower for Drilling, Test and Abandon to perform and Completion of South Pars Gas Field Wells- Phase 20/21 Completed
3 Supply of Offshore Drilling Rig for South Pars Gas Fields, phases 2-5 Pars Oil and Gas Co. (OIEC) Supply of Offshore Drilling Rig for work over jobs of gas wells in phases 2-5 in South Pars for a duration of 2 years Waiting for contract to be awarded
  • Managing Director: Mr. Morteza Pakravan
  • Tel : (+98) 21 75406000
  • Fax : (+98) 21 26401672
  • Email : info@ostovan.com
  • website :www.ostovan.com
  • Address: No. 148, 4th and 5th floor, Dastgerdi Street (Zafar), Tehran, IRAN


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