Pasargad Schools

Training // Local Communities

Pasargad Energy Development Company, simultaneously with the development of industrial and economic infrastructure in different parts of the country and with the aim of empowering local communities and fulfilling its social responsibilities, has been developing, building and equipping schools in less privileged areas. These schools are equipped with the most up-to-date educational facilities and have been developed with the aim of empowering local people to respond to the needs of human experts in the group's long-term projects, as well as developing local capabilities and improving the quality of life in deprived areas.

In this regard, so far 14000 square meters of equipped and safe educational space has been developed by this group in different underprivileged areas of the country.

Among these schools, the following schools can be mentioned:

1- Pasargad school in Zainabi village of Qeshm, in the vicinity of the master plan of Qeshm projects

 2- Pasargad School of Ahvaz located in deprived areas adjacent to Sepehr and Jafir oil field development project

 3- Pasargad Dar al-Funun Ardabil School located in deprived areas of Ardabil province

Empowering the teaching staff

Pasargad Energy Development Group, in addition to the construction, has also taken over the operation of the school and the improvement of the competencies of the teachers and personnel of these schools during the operation period. 

 In this regard, after the Development of Pasargad School in Zainabi village in Qeshm Island, the empowerment program of 70 elementary school teachers of this island was planned and implemented for 414 hours.

Financial support for students from underprivileged areas

Another long-term program of the Pasargad Energy Development Company to empower local communities and develop gender equality and reduce inequalities is to provide financial support to students and grant scholarships to talented and underprivileged students in the company projects surrounding deprived areas. Based on this approach, so far 500 scholarships have been awarded by this group for both male and female students in deprived areas where the company operates.