Taban Energy

The company was acquired by PEDC (Pasargad Energy Development Company) in 2015 and has since been responsible for B.O.O and B.O.T investment

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in the following sectors

Renewable Energy Power Plants

Distributed Power Generation

We have recently developed three projects to invest in:

Based on the company's past experiences, we also undertake the Operation & Maintenance of:

We have been awarded contracts for Operation & Maintenance of:

  • Managing Director: Yaser Mirzaei
  • Tel : (+98) 21-26406101-2
  • Fax : (+98) 21-26406100
  • Email : infotaban@pedc.ir
  • Website : www.Taban-Energy.com
  • Address: Unit 5, No 244, Dastgerdi St, Shariati Ave., Tehran, Iran


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