Seavan Tadbir Tejarat

Seavan Tadbir Tejarat

Seavan Tadbir Tejarat Co. is one of the subsidiaries of the Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC) and works as an oil and gas industry contractor and oil and refinery products trader. Its goal is to firstly participate in domestic oil and gas major tenders as a contractor and also, trade fuel products in the Middle East region. In the future steps, to enter the global markets.

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Relaying on our ability in oil & gas industry, board of directors decided to enter this industry as an EPC contractor in year 2016. The company succeeded in a tender and now we are working on the project. The project is an EPC contract which contains Emergency Shut Down (ESD), Distributed Control System (DCS), Fire & Gas detection system, Power Management System (PMS) of 5 compressor stations of IGAT-6 (IRAN GAS TRUNK PIPELINE) and Telecom/SCADA of Ahwaz- Khoramshahr pipeline. Our vision is to become one of the top and well-known Contractors for the local and international clients in the target markets, and the preferred working choice of experts.

EPC Projects

Based on its abilities in the oil and gas industry Seavan Co. decided to enter this industry as an EPC contractor, and in 2016 the company won the tender Iranian Gas Trunk Pipeline (IGAT VI).This project is an EPC contract, which includes Emergency Shut Down (ESD), Distributed Control System (DCS), F&G System and Device, Power Management System (PMS) in 5 compressor stations in IGAT VI and including TELECOM & SCADA system for 8 Line Break Valve stations in a branch of main pipeline which is from Ahwaz to Shalamcheh.

Oil & Refinery Products Trading

Iran is located in a region that is the center of the global energy market. Also, around Iran, the countries that produce and consume oil products have provided the space for trade in these products. Major producing countries active in this region are Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, UAE and Azerbaijan. Due to the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan from the central government and their willingness to directly sell petroleum products, Iran is considered as the best route to supply Kurdistan products to global markets. According to the countries and regions mentioned, one of the main activities of the company since its foundation has been to buy products from the producing countries, logistic management, and sell them at destination.

EPC Projects in Oil & Gas Industry

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  • Managing Director: Mr. Hamid Mohammadi
  • Tel :(+98) 21-22595965
  • Fax :(+98) 21-22591624
  • website : www.seavan.net
  • Address:Unit 2, 3rd floor, No. 1, Hafez Alley, Kolahdouz St., Tehran


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