Petro Kala Pasargad Kish Company

Petro Kala Pasargad Kish Company

Petrokala Pasargad Kish Co. (PEKA) has been registered in Kish Island in 2010 and plays a prominent role in the field of drilling equipment and providing technical services, maintenance and inspections. In addition, Petrokala can be considered as one of the well-known private companies in the field of drilling equipment’s procurement required by the industry. PEKA is equipped with spacious workshop in Kish island to support its services. Petrokala puts all its efforts to comply with international standards and to use up-to-date knowledge and technologies in order to provide desired services, along with satisfying employers who are reputable domestic and foreign companies including : Petrodanial Kish Co, Petrokariz Omid Kish, Ostovan Kish Drilling Co, DCI, ISHIPS and etc.

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Currently, Petro Kala Co. is able to provide the following services:

  • Managing Director: Mr. Mohsen Kobari
  • Tel :(+98) 21-26709845
  • Fax :(+98) 21-26404178
  • Email :info@peka.co
  • website : www.pekapasargad.ir
  • Address: Fourth Floor, No. 9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi (Behrooz) St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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