Hengam Qeshm Industrial Mobilization and Development

Hengam Qeshm Industrial Mobilization and Development Co. (HQIMDC) was founded in 2015 for the performance of the following activities:

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Implementation of Hara Qeshm Oil Terminal project under a BOT contract with Hara Qeshm Port Construction and Operation Co. The oil terminal is designed to handle the feed and products of PBQ’s Heavy Oil Refinery and other nearby refineries, as well as supply of Sea Water to QMC utilities plant. The main features of the Terminal is as follows:

Provision of procurement services to Qeshm Movalled (QMC) and Pars Behin Palayesh Naft Qeshm (PBQ) Companies, together with the required financing.

  • Managing Director: Seyed Abbas Mortazavi Poor
  • Tel : (+98) 21-26409037-26408477-22901841
  • Fax : (+98) 21-22901835
  • Email : hqimd@pedc.ir
  • Address:3rd Floor, No.9, Shahidan Abedi St., Shams Tabrizi St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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