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Entering the field of venture capital

As a pioneer actor in the energy and petrochemical value chain of Iran and the region, Pasargad Energy Development Company actively, responsibly and sustainably manages a diversified investment portfolio of products and services in the form of projects, assets, transmission and distribution networks, and refineries, petrochemicals and power plants. . One of the pillars of this group is to "create value" with the main actors of this chain in order to make the company better, stronger, more stable and with superior performance so that it can provide its stakeholders with the core values of the company, namely social responsibility, industry development through Provide energy needed by industries and people to create value. Accordingly, Pishgaman Karmayeh Apadana Development Company (Apadana VC), as one of the subsidiaries of Pasargad Energy Development Group, was established on April 2017 with the mission of developing the country's startup ecosystem in the fields of electricity, oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies. With an innovative and transformational approach, this group intends as a venture capitalist to play its role as a reliable companion in the course of fundamental industrial developments such as digitalization, energy transition to the paradigm of energy (Energy Transition) and promotion of self-sufficiency using national capacities and Play internationally. Shaping a vibrant and dynamic innovation ecosystem for the private sector of the energy industry that is a fertile ground for the birth and growth of innovative ideas and solutions is the vision of Apadana VC. "ENERGIC" Innovation Center has been set up by Pishgaman Karmayeh Apadana Development Company (Apadana VC) near the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology. Pasargad Energy Development Holding, as a leading group in Iran's energy industry, seeks to create value at the group and country level in order to achieve the position of a selected and privileged partner by entering new areas of investment in the field of start-up businesses. " ENERGIC " Innovation Center with various spaces such as acceleration space, shared work space, private work offices, training rooms, meeting rooms, rest area, play space, restaurant and establishment in the center of Tehran (adjacent to one of the most famous knowledge production centers) It has special advantages for establishing entrepreneurs, innovative and knowledge-based companies and representatives of large companies in the field of oil and energy industry. Representatives of large and active companies in the field of oil and energy can achieve their goals in solving the relevant problems at a lower cost by presenting their technological needs in "Energy" and using the solutions provided by entrepreneurs and capable companies. Small and innovative companies can also accelerate the development process of their companies by using the acceleration services and the network of specialized and professional consultants and trainers of the center and access to the sales market of large companies. Pasargad Energy Development Group seeks to solve the challenges and technological needs of its various projects through open innovation through innovation centers, using internal power and knowledge-based projects, thereby reducing project costs and Increase value creation efficiency. This is led by the Innovative Reverse Pitch events, the need counting meetings and the meeting sessions with startups and innovators and elites active in this field, led by the Department of Organizational Knowledge.


Innovative Business
Items Subsidiaries Description
1 APADANA VENTURES We are committed to developing the internal energy startups ecosystem
2 ENERGIC INNOVATION CENTER Energic is a dynamic, modern and friendly space for the gathering of those who do not settle for the current conditions and search for new answers to the long-lasting problems in the energy industry
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