Sustainability in Action

Pasargad Energy Development Group, based on the group's sustainability strategies and in line with the goals and plans considered in its sustainable development plan, has considered the fulfillment of sustainability requirements in all development and investment projects as well as daily activities and ensures compliance of all activities with these policies. Some of these activities include the following:

Development of solar power plant

Energy transition >> Renewable energy

One of the main and important approaches of the Pasargad Energy Development Group in the field of energy transition is investing in solar power plants as a form of clean energy. 

Considering Iran's geographical location and potential in expanding the share of solar energy in the country's energy portfolio, PEDC has put the development of this sector on the agenda. 

In this regard, the Damghan solar power plant, which is one of the most modern solar power plants in the country and as the country's first bifacial power plant with a capacity of 10 megawatts, has been put into operation with the efforts of domestic experts and the determination of the Pasargad Energy Development Group in line with the group's strategy to provide sustainable and renewable energy in the country. With respect to the positive performance of this Group in the Development and Operation of Damghan power plant, the investment contract for the construction and operation of 26 renewable solar power plants in 13 provinces with a capacity of more than 1500 megawatts has been assigned to Pasargad Energy Development Group. Producing this amount of electricity from solar energy is equivalent to preventing the emission of nearly 500 tons of carbon dioxide gas every year.

Qeshm Movaled desalination Utilities

Productivity in water

Considering the water tensions in the south of the country and the lack of healthy and sustainable drinking water in Qeshm Island, as one of the main investment areas of our Group, we are taking action in line with our social responsibilities and our sustainable development policies. We have developed the infrastructure for the production of clean and healthy drinking water in this island. In this regard, water desalination equipment was set up in Qeshm Movald power plant to meet the needs of the projects and to meet part of the water needs of the island. Currently, a contract for the supply of 5,000 cubic meters of Healthy drinking water has been concluded with the Hormozgan province Water and waste water Co. to supply the water needed by the cities of Darghan, Laaft and the surrounding villages.

Investment in a knowledge-based economy in the upstream value chains of oil

production of Local/domestic value

Pasargad Energy Development Group, in line with its sustainable development policies and in order to produce internal (Local/Domestic) value and make maximum use of local Capabilities, concluded a cooperation agreement worth 200 million dollars The Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-based Economy of Iran on the topic of knowledge-based economy in the upstream value chains of oil. Our policy is to empower indigenous knowledge-based companies in order to achieve the sustainable development goals of Pasargad Energy Development Group and for social and economic development of the country.

Pasargad Schools

Training // Local Communities

Pasargad Energy Development Company, simultaneously with the development of industrial and economic infrastructure in different parts of the country and with the aim of empowering local communities and fulfilling its social responsibilities, has been developing, building and equipping schools in less privileged areas. These schools are equipped with the most up-to-date educational facilities and have been developed with the aim of empowering local people to respond to the needs of human experts in the group's long-term projects, as well as developing local capabilities and improving the quality of life in deprived areas.

In this regard, so far 14000 square meters of equipped and safe educational space has been developed by this group in different underprivileged areas of the country.

Urmia combined cycle power plant

Energy efficiency // Energy diversity and security

Pasargad Energy Development Group, in line with its policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and realizing a low-carbon economy, and in line with the policy of increasing the efficiency of energy production, by launching and completing the third steam unit of the Urmia combined cycle power plant and connecting it to the electricity grid, saves a billion cubic meters of gas per year and prevented the annual release of nearly 2 billion kilograms of carbon gas into the atmosphere. Our approach to realize a low-carbon energy supply chain at the same time as ensuring energy security in the country.

Supporting the Autism Association

health and well-being // peace, Justice and strong institution

PEDC Group has provided financial and spiritual support to Iran's Autism Association to realize social justice and equality and support civil community.

 Paying attention to the needs of these loved ones and solving some of these needs has been one of the serious and important programs of the groups, and in this regard, all kinds of financial and spiritual support to this community is part of the activities related to our social responsibilities. Considering that the golden age of diagnosing and rehabilitating autistic children is between the ages of 2 and 7, PEDC has provided financial support to at least 150 children of this age group of Khuzestan and Sistan & Baluchistan provinces, which includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.

Supporting the Autism Association

Participation in the expansion of service centers for people with autism

Participating in the development of the Comprehensive Autism Center, as well as equipping autism-friendly center for autistic children under the age of 12, has been one of the efforts of this group to support this spectrum.

 Also, in order to attract the participation and support of other large companies in the country's energy sector, this group has organized programs such as allocating a part of the exhibition hall to introduce the capabilities and opportunities of supporting this spectrum, holding charity auctions of paintings related to the oil industry and etc. These efforts have led to equipping and setting up 2 rehabilitation centers in underprivileged areas of Tehran.

Protection and development of green space and combating deforestation

Life on land

Eliminating or minimizing the damage to land ecosystems due to the possible adverse effects caused by our projects in different geographical regions of the country is one of our main policies.

 Revival of damaged vegetation and development of green space during the implementation of projects and minimizing interventions in the ecosystem is our definite plan in completing projects based on this policy.

 Planting more than 5000 mangrove trees to restore the natural cover of the construction area of Pasargad Qeshm port, which had resulted in the damage of 500 trees, the development of green space equal to 10% of the entire project space through the selection of native plants in a sustainable way (with an area of approximately 40 hectares) and dealing with the phenomenon of desertification in the field development projects are part of the actions taken by the Pasargad Energy Development Group.