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Pasargad Energy Development Co. (PEDC) is a prominent role player in Iranian downstream oil and gas industries. It has been the most active investing company in quality refineries and petrochemical projects. So far, the total value of the completed and under construction downstream investments and projects have summed up to 4.3 Billion USD of which 2.57 Billion USD contributes to the completed projects.

Considering the privileges and competitive advantages of oil and gas resources available in Iran, PEDC has defined the strategies to develop the refinery and petrochemical plants to diversify the products and completing the value chain of the related products and services towards the expanded downstream industries. A compound effect of downstream products with our trading and commerce competencies will lead to improved value creation for our shareholders and the increased market share as well. 

PEDC manages development, production, operation and maintenance, sales and marketing and logistics of its completed or under construction investments via conducting ten (10) subsidiary companies in downstream section.

Since March 2023 and concurrent with completion of its heavy oil refinery project, PEDC now is the biggest supplier of Bitumen in Iran. Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery is producing 935,000 ton/d of different grades of Bitumen which is 20% of market share in Iran.

As one of the most powerful and experienced Iranian contractor, PEDC successfully executed 6th Iran Gas Trunkline (IGAT VI) as one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Iran under a BOT contract. IGAT VI 56” gas pipeline with total length of 610 Km starts from Assaluyeh in south of Iran and passes through five provinces. It also contributes to annual revenue of 4 billion USD of Iranian gas export to Iraq.

By developing its two petrochemical plants in south of Iran, PEDC is going to become one of the Methanol suppliers with the production capacity of 3,300 K ton/day. Production of PE, PP and HDPE as the downstream products is also in our close future programs.

The completed investments which are currently under production and operation in downstream section are:

  • Qeshm Heavy Crude Oil Refinery:
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: Qeshm Pars Behin Oil Refinery Co.
  • Location: Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran
  • Investment Value: 212 Million USD
  • Final Products: Different Schedules of Bitumen (935,000 ton/d) ; Light Hydrocarbon Cut (10,000 bbl/d)
  • HARA Qeshm Port:
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: HQIMD Co.
  • Location: Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran
  • Investment Value: 80 Million USD
  • Port Specification: Berthing of crude oil and refinery product carriers up to 70,000 DWT (Northern Platform) ; Berthing of bulk bitumen carriers up to 7,000 DWT (Southern Platform)
  • 6th Iran Gas Trunkline (IGAT VI):
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: Naftanir Co. (General Contractor (GC) & Management Contractor (MC)
  • Location: Starting from Assaluyeh in south and passing through five provinces ending to export terminals to Iraq in west and south west of Iran
  • Investment Value: 2,280 Million USD
  • Pipeline Length: 610 Km of 56” pipeline
  • Project Specification: Pipeline:  56” Underground Carbon Steel Pipes ; 5 Pressure Boosting Stations ; 2 Metering Stations

    The under construction investments in downstream section are:

  • Sina Petrochemical Plant:
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: Sina Chemical Industries Development Co.
  • Location: Chabahar, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, South East of Iran
  • Investment Value: 1st Phase (Methanol Phase):   540 Million USD                                                       

                               2nd Phase (MTO Phase): 1,300 Million USD

  • Final Products: 1st Phase: Methanol: 1,650,000 ton/year

                                        2nd Phase: PE: 325,000 ton/year

                      PP: 347,000 ton/year

  • Pasargad Polyolefin Petrochemical Complex:
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: Soroush Energy Paydar Co.
  • Location: Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran
  • Investment Value: 1st Phase (Methanol Phase): 540 Million USD                                                    

                               2nd Phase (MTO Phase):1,300 Million USD

  • Final Products: 1st Phase: Methanol:1,650,000 ton/year

                                      2nd Phase: PP: 310,000 ton/year

                                      HDPE: 250,000 ton/year

                                      EDPM: 50,000 ton/year

  • Qeshm Gas Condensate Refinery:
  • Undertaking Subsidiary: Javid Energy Parto Co.
  • Location: Parsian Special Energy Zone, Hormozgan Province, South of Iran
  • Investment Value: 460 Million USD                                                   
  • Final Products:   LPG: 307 ton/day

                                        Middle Distillate: 2,014 ton/day

                      Gasoline:4,923 ton/day

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