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Clarke Energy to Supply GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines to Power New Algerian ‘Mega Mosque’

 Clarke Energy to Supply GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines to Power New Algerian ‘Mega Mosque’

Thursday، 13 September 2018 | Article Rating
  • Clarke Energy to Deliver Four of GE’s Jenbacher J320 Gas Engines to Power Trigeneration Plant at Djamaâ el Djazaïr Mosque being Built in Mohammadia, Near Algiers
  • Jenbacher Trigeneration Units to Supply Reliable, Lower-Emission Power, Heating and Cooling
  • Project Highlights Growing Industrial Demand for Advanced Trigeneration Technologies


ALGIERS, ALGERIA—August 30, 2018—GE’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) today announced U.K.-based Clarke Energy, GE’s authorized Channel Partner of Jenbacher gas engines in Algeria, has been selected by the developers of the new Djamaâ el Djazaïr mosque (the Great Mosque of Algiers), to supply four of GE’s J320 Jenbacher gas engines for a trigeneration plant. The facility will provide the mosque with reliable, efficient and lower-carbon power, heating and cooling.

The natural gas-fueled trigeneration plant will supply 4.25 megawatts (MW) of electricity, 4.3 MW of heat in the winter and 3.5 MW to produce 6 MW of chilled water in the summer at the planned mosque, which also is known as the Mohammadia Mega Mosque. Mohammadia is located near the capital city of Algiers.

The mosque is owned by the Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs. The facility will be the third largest mosque in the Arabic world—after the Mecca and Medina sites—and will feature a minaret (mosque tower) over 265 meters tall, making it the world’s largest. Clarke Energy secured an agreement with Turkish subcontractor AE Arma-Elektropanç to supply four Jenbacher J320 gas engines for the project. During the hot Algerian summer months, the gas engines’ heat will be converted into cooling water by three absorption chillers. The cold water will be used in the building’s air conditioning systems. In the winter, the system will use the engine heat to warm the complex.

The new mosque is being built as a cultural and religious center and symbolizes the bright future of urban development in Algeria.

“Key factors in us selecting Clarke Energy to supply GE’s Jenbacher gas engines for this project were its local support network and established presence in Algeria and GE’s proven global track record for numerous successful Jenbacher gas engine trigeneration projects,” said Murat Alkim, deputy general manager of AE Arma-Elektropanc.

The project underscores the growing industrial demand for advanced trigeneration technologies, including in the commercial and residential building sectors. 

“We are excited to support the development of the Djamaâ el Djazaïr mosque by supplying GE’s Jenbacher gas engine trigeneration technology, which will allow the mosque to generate its own power, heat and cooling for the complex without depending on the local grid,” said Jamie Clarke, chief executive officer of Clarke Energy. “GE’s CHP (combined heat and power) technologies will deliver important reliability, energy efficiency and environmental benefits for this flagship international project.”

GE’s J320 units have been delivered to the mosque site and are expected to enter operation at the end of 2018, in conjunction with the opening of the mosque.

“GE’s proven Jenbacher gas engine trigeneration technology is an attractive technical and commercial solution for a growing number of industrial and community energy challenges,” said Leon van Vuuren, general manager, global sales and commercial operations for GE’s Distributed Power business. “We are excited to showcase the advantages of our trigeneration technology for the development of the new Djamaâ el Djazaïr mosque.”

The mosque complex includes a multimedia library, a research center, meeting rooms, a prayer room able to accommodate almost 35,000 people, the minaret, a Quran school, residential facilities and a museum.

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About the Djamaâ el Djazaïr Mosque

The Mohammadia Mega Mosque, also known as the Djamaâ el Djazaïr mosque, will be built on a 218,525 m² (54 acres or 21.8ha) site located east of the present historical center in the Mohammadia area near the Bay of Algeria. It will be the third largest mosque in the world after the Mecca and Medina mosques. The main attraction of the mosque will be its 265-meter minaret.

A YouTube video of the mosque can be viewed here (in Arabic)


About Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy, a Kohler Company, is a leader in the engineering design, installation and long-term maintenance of gas engine-based power plants. The company is authorized sales and service provider for GE’s Jenbacher gas engines in 25 countries. Clarke Energy employs over 1,100 staff and has over 6,300 MWe of Jenbacher generation equipment installed globally.


Clarke Energy in North Africa

GE’s Jenbacher gas engines have been distributed by Clarke Energy in North Africa since 2008 when it started operation in Tunisia. In 2011, the company commenced operations in Algeria. There are currently 60 MW of GE’s Jenbacher gas engines across Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco on a range of applications including captive power for industry, flare gas and biogas from waste, sewage and landfill sites. Clarke Energy’s growing North African team employs over 22 people.

Follow Clarke Energy on Twitter @ClarkeEnergy and on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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  • Clarke Energy to Supply GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines to Power New Algerian ‘Mega Mosque’
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