Tejarat Pasargad

Tejarat Pasargad

Tejarat Pasargad Co. (TPCO) plays a prominent role in supplying material and equipment in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industries. This company founded in 2008 and from then on, has been involved in numerous projects. Tejarat Pasargad is one of the well-known suppliers of drilling equipment and machineries in Iran working with major domestic and international drilling equipment manufacturers and suppliers for procurement of different up-stream equipment like BOPs, Mud Pumps, Cementing Unit, Skid Mounted Equipment, Top Drives, Kelly Spinners, Fishing Tools & Drilling Jars, and etc. As a commercial arm of PEDC, Tejarat Pasargad is always a reliable partner for its business associates and employers who are all reputable companies of up-stream industry including: NIDC, NISOC, IOOC, POGC, ICOFC, Global Petro Tech Kish, Naftkav Co., Ostovan Kish Drilling Co, Pezhvak Energy Co, and etc. Procurement of drilling tools and equipment for enhancing production rate of South Pars phases 2-5 is one of the outstanding projects of Tejarat Pasargad, which is still in progress.

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  • Managing Director: Mr. Seyed Eisa MirMahmoudi
  • Tel :(+98) 21-26709583
  • Fax :(+98) 21-26709189
  • Email :info@tejaratp.com
  • website : www.tejaratp.com
  • Address: : #4, 1st Floor, No. 9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi (Behrooz) St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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