Tejarat Pasargad

Tejarat Pasargad

Tejarat Pasargad Co. is one of the largest suppliers of drilling equipment and supplies in Iran working with major domestic and international drilling equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The Company aims to provide exceptional quality, reasonable prices, minimum delivery time, and great after-sales service. This Company has warehouses in Ahwaz and Kish Island storing highly-used drilling equipment in order to enable quick provision of items to customers. Additionally, the Company has established a work shop unit for technical inspections, repairs, testing, and maintenance in Kish Island. Tejarat Pasargad has two subsidiary companies: Petro Kala Pasargad Kish Co. and Pejvak Energy Co.

Petro Kala Pasargad kish(Subsidiary of Tejarat Pasargad)

PEKA was established in Kish island as a subsidiary of Tejarat Pasargad Co. to provide onshore and offshore drilling equipment services and has a 7500 square meter workshop located in Kish island for inspection, maintenance and repair purposes. This advance workshop facility is a result of partnering up with TIANHE Oil Group which is one of the largest and most reputable Fishing and Drilling Equipment & Tools manufacturer in China. PEKA services include technical inspection, provision and training and personnel for the following services 1- Fishing tools, milling tools, jars, drill string and down-hole equipment, rigs spare parts and rental services 2- Fishing tools, milling tools, jars, drill string and down-hole equipment repair 3- Drilling pipes inspection and phosphate and repair thread Current project : Cutting and trading of CRA pipes for Pars Oil and Gas Co.

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Currently, Tejarat Pasargad Co. is able to provide the following services with its customers:

1- Provision of land and offshore drilling machinery;

2- Provision of main equipment of drilling machinery, such as:

3- Provision of belongings and tools of drilling systems:

4- Provision of consumable and spare parts:

5- Provision of side services:

  • Managing Director: Mr. Seyed Eisa MirMahmoudi
  • Tel :(+98) 21-26709583
  • Fax :(+98) 21-26709189
  • Email :info@tejaratp.com
  • website : www.tejaratp.com
  • Address: : #4, 1st Floor, No. 9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi (Behrooz) St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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