Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association
Sunday، 09 June 2024


Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association

Pasargad Energy was honoured by the Iran Autism Association (IAA) during the Second Ceremony of Jashn-e-Panjereha.


The event, held in Tehran on June 9, 2024, was organized with the objective of offering continued assistance for the rehabilitation of autistic children below the age of seven. Subsequently, numerous families with autistic children were in attendance. The Head of the Iran Autism Association, Saeideh Saleh Ghaffari, and Sina Tavakkoli, the Deputy for IAA’s Family Health Department, delivered an update on the IAA’s operational performance. They also delved into the challenges and issues that autistic children and their families may confront.


Two Houses of Hope were inaugurated with the assistance of Pasargad Energy.


During the event, Tavakkoli noted that the IAA had incorporated the establishment of Hope Houses into its agenda in March 2022. Furthermore, the association has delivered a spectrum of services for children under the age of seven diagnosed with autism, encompassing sensorimotor occupational therapy, cognitive interventions, speech-language pathology, behavioural therapy, and play therapy.

He expressed his gratitude to Pasargad Energy for its support. He said, "Pasargad Energy" helped to open Hope House No. 4 on Niroo Havayi Street in eastern Tehran, and a clinic at Hope House No. 5 in Nematabad, southern Tehran where there were no therapists and specialists available and no investments were made in this regard. Moreover, Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education and State Welfare Organization of Iran had no rehabilitation centre for autistic people in southern Tehran."


During the ceremonial proceedings, Majid Ghassemi, the CEO of Bank Pasargad, underscored the necessity for comprehensive measures catering to the autism community in Iran. These measures should encompass specialized activities, alongside access to educational, medical, and support infrastructures, in addition to financial assistance. Ghassemi accentuated the significance of early diagnosis and the provision of educational and support services for children with autism, asserting that such interventions can significantly contribute to their ability to surmount the condition.


Supporting 200 autistic children


The ceremony culminated in the recognition of companies dedicated to supporting autistic children. Pasargad Energy received a special statue in honour of their commitment, bestowed upon them during the ceremony.

During the inaugural IAA’s First Celebration of Windows, 530 children under the age of seven were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Consequently, 150 of these children, residing in Sistan and Baluchestan, Khuzestan, and Tehran provinces, availed themselves of support from Pasargad Energy and accessed rehabilitation services. Encouragingly, a number of these children have exhibited notable progress and are now able to integrate into mainstream educational settings.

The number of children receiving support from Pasargad Energy has surged by 30 per cent, reaching a total of 200 children in the Second Ceremony. It is hoped that they will make successful recoveries.

  • Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association
  • Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association
  • Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association
  • Pasargad Energy Honored by Iran Autism Association
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