PEDC at a Glance

  • PEDC At A Glance

Pasargad Energy Development Co. (PEDC) is an independent energy company based in Iran. PEDC is an integrated energy company whose activities span the entire value chain including exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals marketing, power generation & renewables as well as new high-tech venture capitalizing. Our headquarter is located in Tehran. PEDC is present across the Iranian continental shelf and international market through its subsidiaries. We create value for our shareholders through active investment, high-level monitoring of our projects, building world-class partnership and managing our risks effectively and making balanced portfolio. Meantime, we contribute to the sustainable development of the energy sector and communities in our country. PEDC’s competitiveness relies upon our values-based performance culture, with a strong commitment to transparency, cooperation and continuous operational improvement. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Pasargad Financial Group, with Pasargad Bank being a distinctive shareholder, we owe our success to our experience, management knowledge and strong local/international partnerships since 2008. PEDC is committed to maintaining sustainability and being recognized as the strategic partner of choice in Iran’s energy and petrochemical sector.

PEDC is established as a holding company for investing in energy and related industries in 2008 We have more than 25,000 billion Rials of asset under management (book value of assets is about 13000) , that grew about 20 times during the last 5 years, including power plants, offshore drilling rigs and drilling services machineries, and a gas pipe production plant. We are in early stage of our development plans and we are considering projects for further investment exceeding 9 billion USD for the next 5 years . That will position us in top 5 biggest Iranian companies. Soild performance of our company in the past 5 years have secured our postion in the market . now we are one of the most trusted operators in dirlling services nationwide. We started acquiring 3 power plants and buying a new drilling rig. Net profit margin of about 30% is indicator of our wise investments in the past which is rarely seen in the energy business and return on capital of more than 40% shows our commitment to our values towards stakeholders. Average revenue growth of 138% in the past 5 years is another key point to consider as our engagement toward our goals. Maintaining this remarkable results will be harder as we grow and requires more endeavor and commitment that we have to provide.

Our Activities

PEDC,as an Energy Development Company, expanded its activities in different energy-related fields and now is recognized as a leading company in Oil & Gas (Up-stream), Refineries & Petrochemical,Trading (Down-stream) and Power Generation as its 3 main business sectors. In each of the above mentioned division we have successfully achieved our planned milestone by estabilishing or acquiring profitable companies and now we are proceeding to reach our future targets by implementing expansion and new projects,in each division.

Director and Board of Directors

Mr. Mohammad Malaki

Mr. Mohammad MalakiChairman

Mr.Alireza Sadegh Abadi

Mr.Alireza Sadegh AbadiPresident & Vice Chairman

Dr.Mojtaba Kobari

Dr.Mojtaba KobariBoard Member

Dr.Mohammad Poor Gholamali

Dr.Mohammad Poor GholamaliBoard Member


Our shareholders are professional investment companies that try to create synergy through their subsidiaries. So we are blessed by our allies in financial matters like insurance, guarantees, financing and non-financial aspects like it. The shareholders have supported the company especially by capital increase during the years of activity. Total capital of the company (in million Rials) growth 17 times from 2011 to 2017. The company as one of the main subsidiaries in the Pasargad Financial Group is supported by 2 main shareholders with an overall ownership of more than 45%. Saman Tejarat Tadbir Iranian co is a subsidiary of Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad; a company active in securities trading that owns 31% share of PEDC. Pars Aryan: The largest private sector investment company listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and its subsidiaries, own 14% share of PEDC. Considering all PEDC shareholders, including the subsidiaries of 2main shareholders mentioned above, for the fiscal year ended 20 march 2017, the company had 14 shareholders.


Pasargad Energy Development Company is an investment holding engaged in petrochemical and energy value chain aiming to create maximum value for its shareholders throughout managing its projects and assets portfolio actively, responsively and sustainably.

In a bid to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 30401:2018 and ISO 31000:2018 aligned with its strategic pillars including “operational and organizational excellence”, “value creation” and “financial management and discipline” in the scope of “ investment and portfolio management in oil and gas upstream and downstream industries, refineries and petrochemicals, power and infrastructure and drilling project supervision management”, PEDC has based its policy on becoming a leading player at country and among credible international partners and is committed to put it into practice effectively. To that end, the following items have been taken into consideration:

  • Optimizing investments, services and products portfolio
  • Continuous increase in key stakeholders' satisfaction
  • Knowledge management institutionalization in investment projects and programs
  • Improvement in decision-making system based on risk and return profile
  • Nurture, Empower and Develop Human Capital
  • Development of organizational infrastructure in order to improve IMS performance
  • Promoting organizational excellence value
  • Development and improvement of financial management and discipline
  • Prevention of occupational accidents and work diseases through providing a suitable and safe workplace, removing hazards and reducing occupational safety and health risks
  • Commitment to protect the environment among pollution preventing, appropriate use of resources, optimized energy consumption and waste management improvement

 I expect all my colleagues, with full belief in the content of this policy and adherence to its implementation, to feel committed to comply with the rules and regulations as well as requirements of the mentioned standards and continuous improvement in them in all related activities and make it happen with all their efforts and accompaniments.

Alireza Sadeghabadi


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