Romak Energy Saramad

Romak Energy Saramad is a subsidiary of PEDC and is incorporated as the Special Purpose vehicle (SPV) to manage the development of a petrochemical plant in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone in Mahshahr and it consists of a methanol plant and its downstream plants to convert the whole methanol produced into chemicals including propylene, glacial acrylic acid, acrylates and OXO-alcohols.

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Production capacity
Product Application
Gracial Acrylic Acid SAP,detergens,water treatment and dispersants.
Butyl Acrylate Acrylic polymers for formulating paints,links and adhesives.
Normal Btanol Acrylates and Acetates,DBP abd Butyl glycol ethers and Acetates ,DIBP and ZDPP
Iso butanol As a solvent ,Acrylates and Acetates ,DIBP and ZDPP
2Ethyl Hexanol DOP,DOTP,Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate and Ethyl Hexyl Nitrate
Gasoline Fuel
Propane Fuel
Production capacity
Product Nominal Capacity(1000T/Y)
Gracial Acrylic Acid 20,0000
Butyl Acrylate 97,000
Normal Btanol 20,000
Iso butanol 12,000
2Ethyl Hexanol 40,000
Gasoline 31,000
Propane 12,000


Natural Gas: 612 MMNm3/Y

  • Managing Director: Mr.Morteza Movarrei
  • Tel :(+98) 26709402
  • Fax :(+98) 26709802
  • Address:#8, No. 9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi (Behrooz) Street, Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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