Hara Qeshm Port Construction and Operation (PJS)

Hara Qeshm Port Construction and Operation

Hara Port Construction & Operation Company (P.J.S.) is one of the subsidiaries of the Pasargad Energy Development Company, PEDC, owned by the Pasargad Financial Group. A major shareholder is Pasargad Bank, the leading Iranian private bank with a continuous highgrowth rate. The Company was founded in 2014 with its core businesses including construction and operation of oil terminals to provide the feeds for one of PEDC refinery and transfer the products of this plant and others in Qeshm Island.

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Hara Qeshm Company is meant to construct a dolphin type oil jetty along northern coasts of Qeshm Island. The main role of the jetty is to boost the import of the crude oil from variousresources such as Iranian oil fields, and export of products from neighboring refineries (Pars Behin) such as bitumen, fuel, naphtha. The jetty will be well equipped for 70,000 GT vessels for one sideand 7,000 GT vessels for the other side. Incoming and outgoing goods will be delivered to/fromsites using various pipelines. Plus, it is going to supply the water for Qeshm Movalled and Pars Behin as well.

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  • Managing Director: Seyed Bagher Musavi
  • Tel : (+98) 21-26709867,61
  • Fax : (+98) 21-26709963
  • Email : haraqeshm@pedc.ir
  • website : -
  • Address: #16, 4th Floor, No. 9, 3rd Alley, Sanjabi (Behrooz) St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, IRAN.


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