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Speech by Mr. Pakravan, Ostovan Kish Drilling Manager

 Speech by Mr. Pakravan, Ostovan Kish Drilling Manager

Monday، 04 March 2019 | Article Rating

Speech by Pakravan, Ostovan Kish Drilling Manager at the Board of Directors Leadership Commitment and Management in Human Resource Development
6th Drilling Congress and 3rd Iranian Exploration and Production Congress.

An excerpt from the speech of CEO of Ostovan Kish Drilling Company Mr. Mr. Pakravan in the panel of exploration and production companies at the 3rd International Conference on Exploration and Production
The drilling industry requires the interaction of the employer and the contractor in sharing the benefits and risks of the projects

Managing director of Ostovan Kish Drilling Company said that maintaining drilling companies and active drilling services, which have been established with the efforts and efforts of many years of investors, specialists and engineers and national funds, require bilateral engagement and appropriate participation of the employer and the contractor in risks and interests. Projects.
According to Public Relations, engineer Morteza Pakravan, speaking in the panel entitled "Drilling and Developing Companies and Roles for Iran's Oil Production Conservation", referred to the role of drilling companies and drilling services in maintaining and The maintenance of oil and gas production in the country criticized the lack of balance in the implementation of mutual contractual obligations between the employer and the contractor, and complicated the bureaucracy of companies in dealing with government agencies as self-restraint.
Managing director of Steven Kish Drilling Company said: "If we are to deal with the problems of drilling companies away from the space of the slogan, we must face the difficulties of supplying equipment, obtaining claims from the employer, problems arising from the cost of assets, taxes and social security, liquidity and costs." It spoke about the financial consequences.
Engineer Pakrowan added: "It is a natural and logical expectation that drilling companies will, at this critical moment of their full potential, derive from 110 years of experimental support for oil and gas drilling operations in Iran, as well as the valuable experience of localizing this industry by relying on Internal capabilities have been used in the last forty years to play a role in helping to overcome these critical situations, but solving problems is a function of the two-way interaction between the employer and the contractor.
He criticized the contractor's unilateral contracts with the contractor, calling external contributors to heavy contractors, saying that the National Iranian Oil Company and its subsidiaries, the largest and most important employer of drilling firms and technical services, should pay attention to the circumstances. Due to sanctions, and due to lack of timely payment of their claims by employers, companies are not able to supply parts and equipment, which is why the drilling equipment and equipment are occasionally stopped operating, their function (ZERO RATE) It is considered and no payments are made to them The company is not affiliated with this problem and the problem is due to external factors and failure to timely fulfill the financial obligations of the employer, so all costs of these delays and stoppages should not be charged to the contractor in these circumstances.
Managing director of Steven Kish Drilling Company said that in the regulation of contracts should pay attention to the potential of drilling companies, said: Sometimes in drilling tenders, there are 20 companies, some of them have no facilities, but only to preserve the market, to any The conditions set out in the tender documents must be sealed but in practice and in operation they are faced with a problem.
Mr. Pakravan, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Drilling Companies Association, while pointing out the important position of the Drilling Society and its critical role in the drilling industry, described the most important solution for solving current problems in the drilling industry using the regulating and regulating method in the drilling market. Oil and gas drilling companies have been urged to pursue this matter rigorously, and member firms will also be actively involved in solving the challenges.
He also considered the integration and aggregation of capacities from other existing solutions in the current situation and called for the use of facilities and capabilities of domestic companies to control and manage costs.
Managing director of Steven Kish Drilling Company said that the management of manpower costs and a lot of open and hidden costs requires liquidity, said that although some companies may have millions of euros worth of reputable employers, they can pay for their current expenses and pay salaries. Staff pay is difficult.
Engineer Pakrowan emphasized that the existence of the Association of Drilling Companies is a great opportunity for dialogue and cooperation among the companies active in the Iranian drilling industry, so that with the help of each other and with sympathy, they can pass the hard times ahead.

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  • Speech by Mr. Pakravan, Ostovan Kish Drilling Manager
  • Speech by Mr. Pakravan, Ostovan Kish Drilling Manager
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